Karnaval Blues explores the fragility of a blossoming romance on “LoveConfusion”

Just two years ago, LA-based producer Karnaval Blues was working in a bank, his days filled with the monotony and predictability of a corporate job. Now filling his time with the production of ambient soundscapes and poetic lyricism, the British producer’s third single “LoveConfusion” is an analysis of the uncertainty of a new relationship – differentiating between love and lust.

Infused with gentle wisps of electronica and soft vocal melodies, the late night groove is intimate and endearing, the track coming into fruition against the murky blue of the twilight skies.

“‘LoveConfusion’ describes the uncertainty that comes at the beginning of a relationship, differentiating between love, passion and trust, or desire, lust and confusion,” Karnaval Blues offers. “When the doubt starts to become overwhelming, you begin to question whether what you have is just an illusion.”

Contemplating love and rejection, the atmospheric melody feels like the glimmer of sunshine after a rainfall, the pink champagne skies emerging from behind the grey clouds.

“LoveConfusion” is out now via Mind of a Genius with his debut EP set for release later this year. Find Karnaval Blues on Instagram.

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