Nashville pop-rock outfit *repeat repeat wield energetic riffs on “Pressure”

**repeat repeat is an eclectically chaotic husband-and-wife duo that defy the conventions and norms of order. On “Pressure,” Jared (Corder) croons of today’s stresses and struggles to Kristyn’s simplistic yet dynamically-charged melodies.

“’Pressure’ faces the squeeze of day-to-day expectations and the constructs of society from a hopeful place,” says the band. “Everything feels rushed. Everything needed to happen yesterday. It’s a perspective on responsibilities and frenetic energy in the digital age.”

“We need to change our perception,” is the instruction “Pressure” attempts to impart to the audience. Under the glaze of the upbeat rhythm, feelings of genuine tension eke through unapologetically. *repeat repeat extend a hand to the listener, establishing relatability as a reminder that the entire generation is in this together.

“Pressure” is out now, and their new album Glazed will be released 31 May on Dangerbird Records. Find *repeat repeat on Facebook.

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